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HDG1000A Series (Discontinued)

Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) technology, 2 independent output channels;
Minimum stable output waveform: 1mV/(50Ω);
Frequency sweep, amplitude sweep, burst and A B add functions.

(The replacement model number HDG2000B Series )

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  • Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) technology, 2 independent output channels;
  • 3.5-inch TFT display, English/Chinese menu;
  • Minimum stable output waveform: 1mV/(50Ω);
  • Frequency sweep, amplitude sweep, burst and A B add functions;
  • Over voltage, over current, output short-circuit and reverse voltage protections.
Model HDG1022A HDG1012A
Frequency range(sine) 40uHz~20MHz 40mHz~10MHz
Output Characteristics of Channel A
Waveform Characteristics
Waveform type sine, square, pulse, DC Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse etc.
Waveform length 4 ~ 16000 points 1024 points
Sample rate 180MSa/s 100MSa/s
Waveform amplitude resolution 10bits 8bits
Sinusoidal harmonic rejection 50dBc (1MHz),  40dBc (1MHz ~ 20MHz), 30dBc (20MHz ~ 40MHz)  40dBc (<1MHz), 35dBc (1MHz~20MHz)
Sine wave total distortion 0.5 % (20Hz ~ 200kHz) 1% (20Hz~200kHz)
Pulse and square rise/fall time 20ns 35ns
Pulse and square overshoot 5% 10%
Square wave duty cycle 50% 1%~99%
Pulse wave duty cycle 0.1%~ 99.9%  --
Frequency Characteristics
Frequency range sine:40μHz ~ 2kHz, resolution: 40μHz; 2kHz ~ the Max.frequency, resolution: 40 mHz; square: 40μHz~20mHz; pluse:40μHz~10mHz sine: 40mHz~Max.frequency (MHz);
square: 40mHz~5MHz;
other waveforms: 40mHz~1MHz;
Frequency resolution -- 40mHz
Frequency accuracy ±(5×10-5+40mHz) ±(5×10-5+40mHz)
Frequency stability  ±5×10-6/3 hours ±5×10-6/3 hours
Amplitude Characteristics
Amplitude range 2mVpp ~ 20Vpp (high impedance) 2mVpp~20Vpp 40mHz~10MHz (high impedance);
2mVpp~15Vpp 10MHz~15MHz (high impedance);
2mVpp~8Vpp 15MHz~20MHz (high impedance)
Amplitude resolution 20mVpp (amplitude>2Vpp), 2mVpp (amplitude<2Vpp)
Amplitude accuracy ±(1%+2mVrms) (high impedance, RMS, 1kHz) ±(1%+2mVrms) (high impedance, RMS, 1kHz)
Amplitude stability ±0.5%/3 hours ±0.5%/3 hours
Amplitude flatness ±5% (frequency<1MHz), ±10% (1MHz ~ 10MHz), ±5% (frequency<10MHz),
±20% (frequency between 10MHz ~ 60MHz)  ±10% (frequency >10MHz)
Output impedance 50Ω 50Ω
Sine wave amplitude setting range (50Ω) 1mVpp ~ 10Vpp, when output frequency 10MHz; --
1mVpp ~ 5Vpp, when output frequency 40MHz;
1mVpp ~ 2Vpp, when output frequency  40MHz;
Amplitude setting range (high impedance) 2mVpp ~ 20Vpp, when output frequency 10MHz; --
2mVpp ~ 10Vpp, when output frequency 40MHz;
2mVpp ~ 4Vpp, when output frequency 40MHz ;
Offset Characteristics
Offset range ±10V (high impedance)
Resolution 20mVdc
Offset accuracy ±(1%+20mVdc)
Sweep Characteristics(linear sweep on frequency or amplitude)
Sweep range free to set start point and stop point
Sweep step any value more than resolution
Sweep rate 10ms~60s/step
Sweep mode Up, Down, Up-Down
Manual sweep step/time
Frequency Modulation Characteristics
Modulation signal internal or external waveforms internal signal, channel B or external waveforms
FM deviation 0%~20% 0%~20%
Carrier signal -- channel A signal
Amplitude Modulation Characteristics
internal or external waveforms internal or external waveforms
0%~120% 0%~120%
Shift Keying Characteristics
FSK free to set carrier frequency and hop frequency
ASK free to set carrier amplitude and hop amplitude
PSK hop phase 0~360°, resolution 11.25° hop phase 0~360°, resolution 1°
Alternative rate 10ms~60s 10ms~60s
Output Characteristics of Channel B
Waveform Characteristics
Waveform type 32 kinds of waveforms, like sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, ladder etc.
Waveform length 1024 points
Sample rate 12.5MSa/s
Waveform amplitude resolution 8bits
Frequency Characteristics
Frequency range Sine: 10mHz~1MHz; Other waveforms: 10mHz~100kHz
Frequency resolution 10mHz
Frequency accuracy ±(1×10-5+10mHz)
Amplitude Characteristics
Amplitude range 50mVpp~20Vpp (high impedance)
Amplitude resolution 20mVpp
Output impedance 50Ω
Harmonic Characteristics (channel B frequency is the harmonic wave of channel A)
Harmonic time 0.1 ~ 250.0 times --
Harmonic frequency <1MHz --
Phase adjustment coarse adjustment: 11.25 degree/step, fine adjustment: 2 degree/step --
Burst Characteristics(channel B signal is used as burst signal)
Frequency of Channel B 40mHz ~ 1MHz
Burst Frequency 10mHz ~ 50kHz
Burst count 1~65000 cycles
Burst mode continuous burst and single burst
TTL Output Characteristics
Waveform characteristics Square, rise/fall time20ns
Frequency characteristics same as sine wave of channel A 10mHz~1MHz
Amplitude characteristics TTL, CMOS compatible, low level<0.3V, high level>4V
Common Characteristics
Power source Voltage: AC220V (1±10%), AC110V (1±10%) (Pay attention to the position of voltage selection switch); Frequency: 50Hz (1±5%)   Power: <45VA
Environment Temperature: 0~40 Humidity: <80%
Operation characteristics Key operation for all functions, menu display, rotary dial adjustment
Display TFT display, 320*240, English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional)
Mechanical 415mm×295mm×195mm; 3.5kg
Manufacturing technology Surface Mount Technology, Integrated Circuit. High reliability and stability.
Optional Parts Characteristics
Frequency counter Testing frequency range: 1Hz~200MHz;Input signal amplitude: 100mVpp~20Vpp
Max. output power: 7W (8Ω), 1W (50Ω) Max. output voltage: 22Vpp
Power amplifier Frequency  bandwidth: 1Hz-200kHz

NumberAttachments TitleOperating
1HDG1000A ManualDownload
2HDG1000A SoftwareDownload
3HDG1000A DriverDownload

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